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Open defecation is a problem that our nation has been struggling with for ages now. It not just gives rise to infections and illnesses, but a recent study has attributed stunted growth in Indian children to open defecation. It is very heartening to see an energized movement in support of healthy defecation habits and hygiene in the recent years. We as a company are proud to play a vital role in helping India achieve its goals through our range of modular toilets that are eco-friendly and durable. Our wide range of stainless steel toilets have been designed to ensure proper sanitation facilities everywhere, be it large cities or the remotest village.

A complete solution for sanitation

  • Ideal for outdoors - structure made of stainless steel grade 304.
  • Convenience of usage with insulated wall to handle varying temperature.
  • Easy to install with 100% pre-fabricated unit. Installation in 2 days.
  • Zero maintenance cost with world class quality .
  • Easy renovation with colored panels or vinyl pasting.

arc Toilet advantages

  • Built to Last with compact structure made of stainless steel 304.
  • Seat, Floor, Washbasin made of SS 304 - offering lifetime solution.
  • Insulated wall to handle varying temperature.
  • Plug and play model - fitted with all accessories like exhaust, health faucet, soap dispenser, electrical and plumbing connection.
  • Easy to install with 100% pre-fabrication. Installation in 2 days.
  • Zero maintenance cost with world class quality.
  • Easy renovation by coloring the panels or pasting vinyl.
  • Perfect fusion of technology and automation - ensuring clean and hygienic toilet to every user.
  • Customizable- with IWC/EWC and With or without Automation

Scept Technology Based Automated Toilets:

  • Internationally acclaimed technology for toilet cleaning.
  • Offers coin operated Entry and manual exit.
  • Automatic cleaning of seat and floor.
  • Pulse wall offering clean-odourless toilet.
  • Eco friendly uses 2ltr water for flushing.
  • Water efficient uses 1.5ltr for floor cleaning after every 5 usage.
  • Power efficient consumes lo energy.
  • Bio-digester for waste management. Alarm in case of vandalism.

DRDO [Bacteria based for waste disposal Management]

Modular Toilet come with DRDO which basically changes human waste to methane gas and water. Water can be used for gardening and gas is released in the air. DRDO is ideal to use where there is no sewer line, hence making them eco-friendly. Our DRDO based toilets are available in different capacities based on usage.

Comparision between Stainless Steel Vs other Material

Feature Stainless Steel FRP Mild Steel Brick Mortar Arc Toilet Advantage
Structural Strength Highest Lowest Medium High With SS structure- highly durable
Corrosion Resistance Highest Leeching Very low High Long lasting with use of SS 304. Lifes over 25+ years
Yes No No No 100% Recyclable.
Hygiene Of Usage Highest Lowest Medium High With SS structure- highly durable
Under Frame Parts Slip Free Sheets Roof Elements Sole bars
Metal Finishing Parts Body Pillar Assy Carlines
Mounting & Lifitng Beams Chequered Sheets
Cable ducts Front Sheets
Carlines & Portation Profiles WTCC Roof Assy
Corrugation Sheets Horizental Members
Underslug water Tanks
Water Tanks

Seat Sanitization
for infection free

Sanitary Napkin
vending machine

Raw material
from parent company

In house production
RM grade control

1 year

free model



Steel - Durable