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Stainless steel is a value-added product that does not deteriorate during its entire lifetime. It is highly corrosion resistant and has robust tensile strength with excellent fatigue properties. One may find it expensive initially, but in a long run it is extremely economical. It is easy to fabricate, recycle and is also more hygienic than other materials.

arc's stainless steel products are an integral part of the infrastructure sector in form of towers, bridges, bus shelters, steel benches, aesthetic displays, stainless steel canopies, gates and more. This has been possible due to the metal's "architecture-friendly" appeal and its ability to adapt to any design. arc has been a winner in its field since a long time due to its rust-free quality and its ability to withstand changing weather. Another plus point of the metal is that it is a green metal i.e. it does not harm the environment.

arc is one of the first in India to offer a wide range of products and solutions in stainless steel: