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Stainless steel usage in rolling stock world over has been for innumerable years. India adopted stainless steel over other product in 2000's. It's highly corrosion resistant and has robust tensile strength with excellent fatigue properties came out as best option to create coaches with low maintenance.

Though it is considered expensive initially, but in a long run railways realized it as extremely economical as use of part in stainless steel reduced the maintenance down time consequently was able to minimize revenue loss. Stainless steel holistically is easy to fabricate, recyclable and more hygienic than other materials. JSL Lifestyle since inception has been focused on creation of products in stainless steel. We did debut in Indian railways in 2008 with single product - SS housing.

With our consistent timely delivery of high quality products we worked along with railways and metro developed various product over years.

Its almost a decade and we are established as preferred supplier with indian railways and various metro coach manufacturers,

  • Rail coach side walls, End walls
  • Grab Poles and Hand rails
  • Trough Floors
  • Lavatory Side Panels
  • Retention Tanks & water tanks
  • Battery Boxes
  • Cant rails
  • Sole bars
  • Luggage Racks
  • Coach seats
  • Modular Toilets
  • Seats for EMU Coaches
  • Air Reservoirs

Historical Journey

2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2016 2017
SS Housing Luggage Racks SS Barcket Frame Module Assy Strapper Hanger Side wall End wall
Modular Toilet Vent Grill Assy Seat Frames Cantrails Roof assy Mdoular Toilet
Grab Poles & Types Air reservior Tanks Retention Tanks Wire Support Trough Floor
Battery Boxes Seat Screw Plates Roof arch Cantrails
Under Frame Parts Slip Free Sheets Roof Elements Sole bars
Metal Finishing Parts Body Pillar Assy Carlines
Mounting & Lifitng Beams Chequered Sheets
Cable ducts Front Sheets
Carlines & Portation Profiles WTCC Roof Assy
Corrugation Sheets Horizental Members
Underslug water Tanks
Water Tanks

Products We Make

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