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Availability of clean toilets plays a pivotal role in infrastructural development. Millions of girl child in this country do not have proper access to safe sanitation and this leads to their higher drop out especially when menstruation starts. Jindal Stainless Steel's MHRD designed toilets in combination MSGI and SS with complete insulated wall brings the promise of safe, hygienic and healthy toilets in the remotest parts of the country. These toilets are easy to install, transport, assemble and maintenance free, this product gives every child and individual at corporate access to comfortable, clean, hygienic and odour free toilets - even at public places.

Outside View

Inside View


Size 10 x 8 x 8 ft
Material Used Outer Body : Made of GI with epoxy paint
Coating & Inner Body: Made of SS 304
Composition 2 EWC in Ceramic + 2 Urinal in SS 304 + 1 No. 500 Ltr Over head plastic tank + 1 No.Wash Basin in SS 304 + 2 No. Coat Hook + 1 No. Mirror+ 1 No. Soap Dish + 2 No.Exhaust Fan + 1No. LED light(14watt) + 1No.Toilet Tissue Paper Holder + 1 Stand For Cleaning Material Storage + 1 Small Dustbin In SS304
Customization Available with EWC. Automation optional

Key Features

A Peace of Mind - A Piece of Dignity

Seat Sanitization
for infection free

Sanitary Napkin
vending machine

Raw material
from parent company

In house production
RM grade control

1 year

free model



Steel - Durable