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Stainless steel is a value-added product that does not deteriorate during its life time. It is highly corrosion resistant and has robust tensile strength with excellent fatigue properties. It is economical in the long run though the initial cost is high. It has ease of fabrication property. Stainless steel is cent percent recyclable and environment friendly. It is material of choice for hygienic conditions.

arc's stainless steel products are now integral to the infra sector in the form of towers, bridges, bus shelters, steel benches, aesthetic displays, stainless steel canopies and more – thanks largely to the metal's "architecture-friendly" appeal and its adaptability into any design. Since it ensures longevity and is rust-free due to its capacity to withstand the vagaries of changing weather, arc's range is a Winner. What's more, stainless steel is a green metal and does not harm the environment.

arc is one of the first in India with such a wide range of products and solutions in Stainless Steel, the most wonderful Green material on earth possibly. arc offers an entire range of Infra products and solutions including:

  • Claddings & Paneling Systems
  • Staircase and Atrium Railings
  • Roofing and Canopies
  • False Ceilings, Gates
  • Doors and Window Systems
  • Street Furniture like, Benches, Litter Bins, Planters, Signage’s, Kiosks etc..
  • Designer Furniture, Cafe Furniture
  • Lighting Systems, Bus Shelters, Sculptures