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About a decade ago - Stainless steel was considered good only for home based applications by the common man and experts / technologists of various industries.. Now, ever increasing numbers of architects, designers, railway engineers, auto industry professionals, city planners, civic agencies, airport, railway station & road transport authorities and even designers of malls, multiplexes, retail space etc., have realized that stainless steel with its elegance, durability and minimal requirement of maintenance is ideal for their use and in fact they prefer Stainless Steel over their traditional materials.

Stainless steel is also used extensively in railway buildings and construction Applications. In particular, the fire resistant properties of stainless steel have been utilized in underground railway stations (e.g. wall cladding and tunnel linings). Airports are being decorated and used for aesthetic appearance. Stainless steel is being used in walls, aerobridges, lounges, artificial ceilings, escalators and in various offices.

arc offers an entire range of OEM products and solutions including:

  • Modular Furniture, Offices
  • False Ceiling, Cladding, Canopy, Paneling, Skirting, Roofing, Escalators
  • Bus Shelters, Railing, Dust Bin, Benches, Kiosks (Heavy Fabrication)
  • Under Frame, Ceiling Frame, Side Structure, Reservoir, Battery Box.
  • Grab Poles & Rails, Mounting Beams for coach.
  • Frame Housing.
  • Middle Birth Assembly & safety Rails.
  • Stainless Steel Modular Toilet & All kind of SS component for rolling stock of Indian Railways.