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We recognize the aspirations of our people (including potential employees) and offer them with an encouraging work environment. We believe that if people take pride in their work and are happy, they take the company on the road to success. Fun at work is another concept we have incorporated to motivate our people and provide them with the opportunities to bring out their hidden talents in multiple areas. If one line were to define arc's teams, it would be let creativity flow.

The company is full of young minds, all working hard to meet deadlines and at the same time enjoying and exploring themselves. The best part is that arc is synonymous with a progressive environment wherein you get to communicate anything and everything with your peers, your project leaders, and even your boss. Rather than concentrating on the problem, efforts are always made to help the person facing that problem. Suggestions are welcomed and good work is always appreciated.

We understand the importance of human resource and therefore we have lots of activities going on for our employees, guessing them for what next! The activities give our staff opportunity to uncover their hidden talent which would have otherwise remained buried.

There is freedom of speech, thoughts and ideas. Every individual is appreciated for his/her work. Initiatives from the employees are always welcomed and highly rewarded. Best part is that it not only focuses on work but gives equal attention to other activities which will help the employee de-stress. This makes the working environment at arc different from other companies.