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JSL Architecture Ltd. works as a catalyst amongst designers, architects, fabricators and other professionals to provide a range of technical support services and produces a wide range of stainless steel products available worldwide.



The neatly clad columns with stainless steel exemplify the magic of stainless steel in interior applications at a shopping plaza, an Airport or any other building. Claddings in different finishes and designs have been formed & installed in public & commercial areas enhancing the aesthetics of the premises & surroundings.

Category: INFRA
SculpturesArt Installations


Stainless Steel- a material par excellence, is now making its presence felt in the Indian architectural scenario. arc aims to provide end to end premium solutions across design, fabrication and installation for the ABC sector.

Gate & Gateways

Gate & Gateways

This 33m high gateway, India’s tallest architectural marvel in Stainless Steel, is a poetic expression of mathematical form.

The geometry of the Hyperbolic Paraboloid is explored and composed to form a gateway, symbolizing the roaming spirit of Humanity, creating space within the infinite space. We took the turnkey design detailing, fabrication and erection of the project. The gate consists of pipe frames joined together with connections in a hyperbolic paraboloid shape.

Railways & MetroRailways & Metro

Railways & Metro

  • Corrugated Sheets
  • Cable Ducts & Lifting Beam
  • Mounting Beam & Beam Frame
  • Roof Carline
  • Air Reservoir & Safety Rail
  • Battery Box
  • Transformer Bracket
  • Console Bogie
  • Grab Pole
  • Structural Members
  • Luggage Rack
  • Slip Free Texture
  • SS Modular Toilet
CanopiesCanopies, Trellises, Roof


Architectural Canopies in Stainless Steel are designed, fabricated and installed to perfection by arc, while addressing the requirements of structural stability along with aesthetics. Innovative combinations with other materials lend a special character to arc canopies.

Committed to exploring new horizons and extending the frontiers of designing in Stainless Steel, arc has been instrumental in transforming the urban infrastructure and landscape in modern India.



Continuing its journey towards promotion of stainless steel applications in the Infrastructure Sector, arc takes pride in announcing successful completion of prestigious projects involving stainless steel solutions at major Airports like Delhi, Hyderabad, bangalore, Mumbai to name a few. The projects included conceptualizing, detailed designing, fabrication and installation of stainless steel column claddings, railings, barricades, ticketing counters, immigration & emigration counters, information kiosk and signages.

Other Industriesother-industries
Other Industries

Other Industries

Our Engineering team has a front ranking presence. We can fabricate creative stainless steel products and structures with the desired grades, forms and textures - customized to the customer's design & requirement.

Marine Building Engineering Structural


Litterbins especially crafted for indoor use, ideal for residence, hotels and offices. Floor mounted perforated stainless steel litter bins in a host of shapes and sizes come along with stylish covers preventing water ingress. The dual pivot system allows for easy maintenance.



arc presents stainless steel Railing Systems for commercial, residential and architectural applications. These thoughtfully designed stainless steel railings exemplify the combination of creativity with the wonderful green Material “Stainless Steel.” No wonder that today we notice these elegant railings across innumerable shopping malls, airports, metro stations, and residential complexes.

These stainless steel railings are available in a choice of different grades, finishes and sizes suitable for harsh exterior environments. These can be further combined with other materials like glass, acrylic and wood to offer ideal options.

BenchesStreet Furniture


Stainless steel creations- unique and surprising in their simplicity, leave an everlasting impression in one’s mind. arc presents its extensive collection of sturdy street furniture blending traditional with modern style to provide the ultimate comfort and strength. Perforations on the perfectly rolled sheets used in these benches further enhance their appeal. unique floor mounted benches made of gleaming stainless steel sheets blend in perfectly with the tranquil surroundings.

FurnitureDining, Office, Garden


arc innovates, develops masterpieces in furniture in sync with trends, demands and functioning of the present market.

Stainless Steel infused with Glasses, Fabrics, Leather, Wood etc. comes together through an effective amalgamation.



arc presents to you works beyonds excellence, which gravitate in that fascinating territory between art and architecture in which intentions, aesthetics and functions intermingle without limits.

Elegant and contemporary in looks... the ancient mud pots have been given a new dimension by rendering them in stainless steel.

Bus ShelterBus Shelter

Bus Shelter

Stainless steel plates with perforations serving as trusses welded to box sections to support polycarbonate roofs, and other stainless steel fabricated structures give shape to these sleek and hygienic bus shelters which are easy to install.

The Stainless steel structure is further designed to mount back lit advertisement panels.

arc creates contemporary looking bus shelters with a collection of Ramp Railings, Mid Rails, Middle panel assembly, Benches, Welcome Boards, Ad panels, and litterbin.



Signages are available in a wide range of finishes from brushed to polished to natural rust or antique with Illuminated panels for Malls, Metro Stations, Bus Shelters, Road Signs, Corporate Offices, etc..

General UtilityGeneral Utility Products

General Utility Products

  • Post Box
  • Cycle Stand
  • Kiosk
  • Newspaper Stand
  • Ashtray
  • Flag Post
  • Bollard & Wire Rope Bollard
Lighting System

Lighting System

Lighting Systems in Stainless Steel is an unique piece in the collection of arc. It is aesthetic in looks and efficient in working. A rich glow, reminiscent of Mother of Pearl is witnessed in this design and prevail a sense of ehilaration and joy with their utter perfection of form.